Odor And Soot Control After A Fire

The home or your business place is exposed to a number of problems which are many times sudden and leading to a lot of losses. One such damage reason is the fire outbreak which has a double fold devastation result not only due to fire which can ruin the entire home or office in a few seconds but also the fire extinguishers use a lot of water which can also cause water damage to a great extent. The fire restoration process is incomplete without odor and soot control and clean up which is a specialised job and also incurs a lot of expense in the process.

Post fire condition redress

The pre and post fire condition are contradictory to each other. The beautiful house and the property assets and belongings, the electrical appliances are under threat during fire and can be turned to ashes in case of excessive devastation of the fire. The dangers of the gases of the smoke to health are nevertheless not ignorable. There is a layer of gray powdery soot or a carbon layer which jams the upholstery and also your carpets and walls and floor on cooling of the fire which is impossible to remove without expert help and it also gives rise to a pungent smoke odor. The not so burnt items are subject to this soot layer and fire odor. This is also acidic in nature and cause damage to the belongings and the assets on which the film settles. The soot becomes harder with time, hence quick odor and soot control is required in the removal process. There are experts who use vacuums to remove the soot and also sort the broken materials and all the debris left behind after the fire. After a fire, the lingering fire smell can be removed with fans and ventilators.


Handling soot laden assets with care

After fire the items, assets tend to become brittle, ceiling can become loose and weak, hence the people need to be very careful in handling to minimise the losses. The use of dry and soft sponges is done to remove the soot, however the cleaning needs to be done step by step starting from the ceiling to the walls and then on the floor area. Greasy soot will require harder actions with degrease solution which can be used on wall paints to avoid decolourization while removing the soot easily. The experts use stain proof chemical solutions to remove the harder soot in most cases. When the house is under fire, many times it becomes a difficult position for the residents as they are unable to live here unless the things are cleaned and the lost things are replaced. However, the high loss expenses if not covered with insurance can surely be menacing to the pocket.

Not even a residue of odor and soot is left behind in case the experts are hired for the job to get back the same old beauty of the house after a fire outbreak. Some of the cleaning solutions have deodorants which also help reduce the smell of fire and smoke.