Methods of Water Extraction

Cleaning or drying excess water after flood or fire can be a daunting task. As, when you are dealing with water extraction you would probably have to repair, replace and clean many important things such as the tiles, drywall and electrical equipments of the affected area. Other than that, you will even have to check the condition of the furniture and discard those which have been completely destroyed by the moisture of flood water. Hence, extraction of water is important for the safety of the house along with the people who are living in that house.

What Are The Best Ways To Extract Water?

There are many types of equipment that are utilized for the extraction process of flood water. The common ones amongst them are:


  • Vacuums: One can use a standard wet-dry vacuum for removing or reducing excess of water that is present at the floor, carpet or any another pooling area. Though industrial strength vacuum is needed for sucking out moisture from the padding of the carpet, yet standard vacuum can be used to get rid of pooling water. Now, water from the carpet’s padding should be extracted because growth of spores, mildew, mold and dangerous bacteria can take place.
  • Air-Moving and Dehumidifiers: Just as the name of this machine suggests, this is a drying machine which is used to dry out excess of water that prevails at your house. The machine decreases the chances of secondary water damage at your house which can lead to severe damages. It dries the air at your home by reducing the level of humidity so that your house can get back to its ideal condition. However, you can even take of industrial strength dehumidifiers which have the ability to extract 50 gallons of water in one day.
  • Pumps: If your house is constructed underground or if you have specific rooms like basements which are present underground then during floods all that you will need is a hydraulic pump to extract unwanted water from such places. During heavy floods you can hire restoration contactors for the extraction process, or you can even rent a perfect hydraulic pump for water extraction.

Essential Safety Tips for Water Extraction

If you have decided that you want to extract flood water all by yourself then you should never forget about your safety. To ensure optimal amount of safety you should always be geared up with safety glasses, gloves and shoes too. One thing can be noted here, when you are working at soaked or contaminated areas of the house then you have to realize that your skin or clothes are not safe here. Therefore, to protect them you can even wear a safety suit. The suit will protect you from the possible toxins, germs and contaminants released by spores, molds or other infectious agents.

After you are done with water extraction, wash your hands properly and sanitize them antiseptic soap and wipe your hands in a dry towel to ensure that you have removed the traces of pathogens which might have attacked you during the process of extraction.